Themes - Create a look for Subsonic Radio!

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Feel like contributing to Subsonic Radio by making your own skin? Fantastic!

Below are a few of the more major points about creating themes:

  1. While I appreciate all of the support by you, the listeners, I will be quite picky about the content that is used to represent Subsonic Radio. Nobody should take it personally if I don't use a submitted theme.
  2. Do not ask me what do to with the files. It may be selfish, but I'm not here to teach you how to use Photoshop nor Flash.
  3. A lot of people don't know flash. I am willing to create a static (not moving) flash movie from a photoshop file that has a header (top part) designed. If you include rollovers I'll put those in as well.
  4. Themes must be Disney themed. Nothing offensive is allowed.
  5. Fonts are not included in the files. Google is your friend
  6. The "Chopped" files are the ones that are chopped up and used on the site. They are the exact files you see on Subsonic Radio. They are there for reference if you can't figure out how to place stuff.
  7. While HTML/CSS Experience is not necessarily needed, it might help when figuring out how to lay stuff out. Also, I prefer to work in a 10x10 grid enviroment. If I need to chop up your source file, it would make life easier if you could build on a grid. (Ctrl-' in Photoshop and set it to 10x10 in preferences)

The Files:

Default (PSD) 816k
Default (Chopped) 39k
The flash is purposly left out. For some reason, I feel like keeping this code to myself.

Tomorrowland (PSD) 773k
Tomorrowland (Chopped) 75k
Tomorrowland (Flash) 2.1m

Adventureland (PSD) 1.2m