Birthday Buttons and Staircase Wit

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Birthday Buttons and Staircase Wit

Post by ZenMondo » Apr Tue 29, 2014 3:16 am

So earlier in the month I celebrated my Birthday at Disneyland. It was actually 7 days after my birthday, but the closest I could arrange to be in the park near my birthday. I was very careful to always say, "I am celebrating my birthday" instead of "It is my birthday".

The best cast member interactions related to wearing the birthday button were actually at the turnstiles.

We were Park Hopping that day, and entering Disneyland Park, I was given a hearty Happy Birthday, then a "wait a minute..." the name on my Annual Pass was my first name, but I go by my Middle Name, which is what was written on the badge and embroidered on my Mickey Ears Hat. I had my wallet open, so my ID was right there, so I was able to explain that I go by my middle name.

As I was leaving the park that night, the lady at the Turnstile, joked with me, "Happy Birthday! Let me guess, 21?" I laughed and said, "literally twice that, I am 42!" I was a few yards into the Esplanade when I realized I should have said, "What do you take me for? a GROWN UP?!" Ah well, I will have that ready NEXT YEAR.

The next morning, just by sheer chance, I entered the park, and the same woman who let me in the day before, took my ticket again. She remembered me. She said "Oh it's Christopher who is celebrating his birthday and goes by his middle name! You are not wearing your button today." I told her I was celebrating yesterday and went into the park.

Something tells me she kind of respected me wearing the button only one day, as I think the habit is to wear such things for several days during a visit.

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Re: Birthday Buttons and Staircase Wit

Post by Amy » Apr Tue 29, 2014 6:38 am

That is pretty neat that she remembered you the next day ~ can you imagine how many people she greets every day?!

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