Captain America at Innoventions, and follow up survey

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Captain America at Innoventions, and follow up survey

Post by ZenMondo » Apr Sat 19, 2014 4:58 pm

This past Monday, I shook hands with someone I have admired for years: Captain America. When he heard of the display devoted to him at Innoventions, he decided that he had to come to Disneyland to see it for himself. He was suitably impressed.

I was stopped on my way out of Innoventions by one of those survey takers. For some reason, survey takers love me at Disneyland, and I am usually stopped a few times during my visits to the happiest place on Earth.

Among the survey questions, was some knowledge about Captain America, specifically which films he has appeared in. I managed to hit every one on her checklist, including the 1940s serials, and the two 1970s made for television movies. She said some get one or the other, but I was the first one she asked that got both. When I got home, I realize I did not name the 1990/1992 awfulness Captain America movie that ended up going direct to video. Anyway she said that some participants would be contacted for a follow up survey. I got that survey a couple days ago.

It was kind of interesting what they asked, and often given me boxes to expand the multiple choice answers with the instructions of "be as detailed as possible". They listed a number of Star Wars characters that I would like to see at the park (I think at Innoventions in particular) and a list of superheroes I'd like to see. Michael Allen, I was sure to check the box for Hawkeye on your behalf. In the list were both Superman an Batman, I don't know if this is a hint they are thinking of another acquisition that may result in a Superhero monopoly, but I suspect they were put in there to gauge the interest in the competition.

They also gave me a box to list Marvel characters I would like to see at Disneyland. So I put my first choice, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). My first choice? Squirrel Girl! Then they gave me one of those "be as detailed as possible" to expand on my reasons for wanting to see Squirrel Girl.

But come on if ANY marvel Character would fit in at Disneyland, it would be Squirrel Girl! Just think how much fun it would be to meet her at the park! :mickey:

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Re: Captain America at Innoventions, and follow up survey

Post by kelpseaweedkelp » Apr Tue 22, 2014 12:12 pm

Yes! Best pick you could of made!!!

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