Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions about Subsonic Radio.

How can I request a song?
Regen What? (Point/Request System Explained)
My Tresures? What is that?
Which stream should I select?
What is the difference between the request and scheduled stream?
I can't connect to the stream, how can I listen?!
I don't want to get winamp! I love my Windows Media Player
I'm connected, but the stream keeps skipping.
I'd like the "Now Playing" page to be it's own page.
Where do you get all your music?
Is stream "ripping" allowed?
Can you send me...? Why can't I download?

Q: How can I request a song?
A: First you must register. From the main page left click on "Request" from the side menu on the left. This will take you to our request page. From here you may use the search box to filter the songs that have the letters or keyword you are looking to request. When your choice is displayed below left click on the green Now to make your request. If you see a date and time in red, for example: Thu, 7:06pm, then the track is not available for request at that time. The next time the track is available for request is the date and time displayed. All times are in PST. If the track appears in dark gray, it means that you don't have enough points to request it. You may also peruse through our vast catalog of songs page by page. A link for this is provided for your convince at the bottom.

Q: Regen What? (Point/Request System Explained)
A: The points system is implemented to prevent users from requesting all the long tracks and to promote posting in the forums.

If you're logged in, your points will show up on the left hand side of the webpage. If Regen says full it means you haven't used any points. When you list tracks in the playlist there is a number to the right of the title. This number is how much the track "costs".
A track in red means that it is in the queue or has played in the last 24 hours.
A track in dark gray means that you don't have enough points to request it.

When you request a track the cost is deducted from your total points and then the Regen kicks in. This is the timer for when you will get those points back. Your points do come back. The points used for that track come back 24 hours after you requested it.
For example: You have 1000 points and you request a track for 500 and 5 minutes later another one for 250.
In 24 hours from requesting the 500 point track you'll get 500 back and 5 minutes later you'll get 250 back.

Some tracks cost more than the total points you start with. The way to add more points to your total is to post in the forums. Pretty simple. Posting just to post will not be tolerated. So post with, at least, a sentence and not just ":)" or "LOL"

Q: My Treasures? What is that?
A: My Treasures are just tracks you like. Your personal favorites!
To select a treasured track:
You must be logged in to use this feature. On most of the track listing pages (Requests, User History, Now Playing, etc...) you can click on a track name to view more information. With in this popup there is an option to "Add to Treasures", simply click on this button to add to your treasues. Your treasured track will show up in gold throughout the site.
To unselect a treasured track:
You can remove treasured tracks from the same Track Info Popup by clicking on "Treasured" or from your "My Treasures" page, which can be found on the left navigation.

Q: Which stream should I select?
A: Select the stream that is equal to or less than the speed of your internet connection. The higher the stream the better the sound quality. High speed internet, such as ISDN, DSL, or Cable, can handle all of the stream speeds offered. Most dial-up connections can't handle over a 24k stream. Experiment with different streams and see what works the best for you. If your listening client (i.e, Winamp, iTunes, etc.) is constantly "re-buffering" or if playback sounds jittery, select a lower bandwidth stream.

Another factor to consider is the total bandwidth you will use. If your internet plan limit the amount of information you can download in a single day (this isn't common, but such plans do exist) you will want to choose a stream accordingly. Here is a sample total bandwidth chart:

128k stream: 7.7 mb per minute 460 mb per hour 3.7 gb per 8 hours
64k stream: 3.8 mb per minute 230 mb per hour 1.8 gb per 8 hours
24k stream 1.4 mb per minute 86 mb per hour 691 mb per 8 hours

Q: What is the difference between the request and schedule streams?
A: The request stream is determined by you and your fellow subsonicradio members. You can request tracks and then listen to them as they get loaded into the queue. You can view the upcoming request by clicking Now Playing link left side of the page. You can also view the history of what was requested by clicking the History link. The request stream is available in 24k, 64K, and 128K.
The scehduled stream is a pre-set track list that plays according to a set schedule. The schedule can be viewed by clicking the Schedule link on the left hand side of the page. The scheduled stream is available in 128K.

Q: I can't connect to the stream, how can I listen?!
A: There could be several reasons why you cannot connect. Here are some of the more common connection problems.

First, make sure you have a media player capable of listening to streaming audio. WinAmp and iTunes are both capable of connecting to SubsonicRadio.

This is probably strictly limited to people listening at work. You may be behind a proxy or other port limited firewall. To test this try connecting to any other stream on to see if it is SubsonicRadio or just streams in general. If you cannot connect to any of them you will need to contact your IT or computer support department and ask if they can set it up for you.

If you can connect to other streams on then there are two other possibilities. One is that you're trying to listen to a channel that is currently at full capacity and unable to take any more listeners. You should receive a message that says "Server Full" somewhere in the display of you player. The other possibility is that your internet connection is too slow to listen to the stream to which you are connecting.

Q: I don't want to get winamp! I love my Windows Media Player
1) Open WMP
2) click on FILE
3) click "OPEN URL"
4) under the "open" section, type the URL for the file size you want. ( for 128k for 24k)
5) click "OK"
6) stream will take a moment to connect to the server, then will automatically start to play....

A.2: I have found a cute little program that will convert a .pls file into an .asx file.

Q: I'm connected, but the stream keeps skipping
A: Skipping usually results from connectivity problems. Try the 24k channel and see if it clears up. If you are a more advanced user you could try adjusting the buffer size on your player. For instance, in WinAmp, open up the Preferences window. In the left window, choose input under plug-ins. From there find the entry for Nullsoft's MPEG Audio Decoder, click on it and click Configure. Now click on the Streaming tab and locate the Streaming Data Buffer. Increase this number to around 64. It will take a little longer to start playing, but listen for a while and see if it clears up. If you still experience trouble, try increasing it to 96, then 128. If you then still experience skipping, your connection may be too unreliable.

Q: I'd like the "Now Playing" page to be it's own page.
A: Some of you might want to keep the upcoming and current tracks in it's own page or possibly put it on your desktop. I have made those pages for you.

With XP, you can put this on your desktop. Here's how.
• Right click on desktop
• Go to Active Desktop
• Click New Desktop Item
• Enter
• Click ok
• Resize to fit toolbar and your done.

Q: Where do you get all your music?
A: Most of the tracks played on SubsonicRadio have been available for purchase at one time or another. Others are live recordings from portable audio recorders. At one time Disney was selling Theme Park music on customizable CD's via kiosks. It was very expensive to maintain and they eventually just switched to selling pre-mixed Pirates of the caribbean and Haunted Mansion CDs since those were the most popular tracks. These kiosks may still be around somewhere, next time you're at the park ask about them.

Q: Is stream "ripping" allowed?
A: Stream ripping is not allowed. I will ban users who do this.

Q: Can you send me...? Why can't I download?
A: Subsonic Radio is not a file server. It is an internet radio station. Simple as that.