History - How Subsonic Radio got started.

Many years ago, I found streaming radio. I would listen to Shoutcast stations, mostly playing soundtracks. A friend of mine (Sockfire) pointed me in the direction of a Disney theme park audio station. I believe the station was Intercot Radio, which is still up. Like all of you here, I found myself reliving memories of Disney.

>From then on Sockfire and I started collecting audio. I kept listening to Disney stations on and off. Most were on Live 365, Which I was not fond of because there are so many ads. ThemeParkOne came online as another Shoutcast station. It was great, no more Live 365 ads! Unfortunately, the admin didn't have enough time to run the site and took it down.

During the days of ThemeParkOne I moved out on my own and needed internet. A local ISP was offering a great deal on DSL which offered 768kbs upload. I thought to myself, "Hey, that's enough to run ten 56k streams." By the time I got the DSL, ThemeParkOne went offline. A few weeks later, I put up my own Shoutcast server. Ten streams at 56k. There was no website, only WinAmp playing songs at random.

Wouldn't you know it, but people were connecting. I decided to put up a small website to get feedback from users. Soon those ten streams were full all the time. Fortunately there are great people in this world who are willing to help others for free. A listener sent me an email along the lines of, "I like your station. I noticed your streams are full most of the time and I'd like to offer some bandwidth." I jumped at the offer and now I have more streams at a higher bit rate. It's fantastic!

With the higher population of listeners, I've been motivated to improve the site. Being a web developer, I used what skills I had to expand on the site. I found a new player which had a request system. I completely rewrote the code and created the Request Points System by integrating into the PHPBB user database.

So, here we are now with the ever expanding Subsonic Radio.

Thank you all for helping me make it happen.