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Post by Amy » Mar Wed 30, 2016 10:11 am

momeja wrote:
imaginationcelebration wrote:I'd overhaul the backlot tour at DHS and make it something that is actually exciting. Needs a little more Hollywood and backlot put into the tour. I always get the feeling that they just tossed old props on the side of the road and put windows into the costume dept so they could say the have a backlot tour.
I was rereading this old thread and got a little misty when I read this post. Far from overhauling it, they've done away with it entirely. My DD, who hopes to be an Imagineer one day, loved going on that ride just for Catastrophe Canyon, which was legend among Imagineers as crazy innovative. All gone. All gone.
It really is sad isn't it? I always loved the old Studios backlot tour ~ when they had residential street and you could really see the Earful Tower.

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