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Re: Contribute to the Top 50 Disney Parks Attractions List!

Post by MW1218 » Apr Fri 25, 2014 9:01 pm

#35-Remember...Dreams Come True Fireworks

37 total points
Appeared on 2 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #4 (Kristen R.)

Remember... Dreams Come True is a fireworks display commemorating Disneyland's 50th anniversary. Described as an "E ticket in the sky," the show features fireworks, lower level pyrotechnics, isopar flame effects, projections and lasers set to the soundtracks of some of Disneyland's most famous rides and shows. It was created as an homage to Disneyland, its lands and attractions, and its continuing legacy.

Narrated by Julie Andrews, the show weaves sounds and images from some of Disneyland's favorite attractions, including Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, into the narrative of the show, and even projects images onto the castle including American flags to commemorate Main Street USA and targets to simulate the Frontierland Shooting Gallery.

Each showing of the 17:30 minute display is estimated to cost $33,000.

#34 - Living With the Land (Epcot)

38 total points
Appeared on 3 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #9 (Amanda G.)

Living with the Land (originally Listen to the Land) is a slow-moving boat ride, which is part dark ride and part greenhouse tour focusing on agriculture, especially new technology to make agriculture more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The first portion of the ride takes guests through simulated environments of different climates, including the rain forest, the desert and the American prairie, with narration explaining how life adapts to meet the different circumstances in each ecosystem.

The second portion of the tour takes place in the Land pavilion's Living Laboratory, a giant greenhouse, featuring examples of hydroponics, aquaculture (the raising and farming of fish) and vertical growing techniques.

#33 - Indiana Jones Adventure (Disneyland)

40 total points
Appeared on 3 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #7 (Wesley D.)

The Indiana Jones Adventure (formerly Indiana Jones & the Temple of the Forbidden Eye) is an enhanced motion vehicle dark ride attraction based on the Indiana Jones film series. Guests accompany intrepid archaeologist Dr. Indiana Jones on a turbulent quest, aboard military troop transport vehicles, through a dangerous lost temple guarded by a supernatural power.

The enhanced motion vehicles that make up the ride system was invented specially for this attraction, and has only been implemented in one other attraction: Dinosaur, located at Disney's Animal Kingdom. A guest's physically intense experience is programmed to achieve the illusion of greater speed and catastrophic mechanical failure using the enhanced-motion vehicle's ability to add several feet of lift then rapidly descend, shudder and tremble, and intensify cornering with counterbank and twist.

#32 - Radiator Springs Racers (Disney's California Adventure)

43 total points
Appeared on 4 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #4 (Dizneesmurf)

Radiator Springs Racers is a slot car dark ride attraction in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure. The attraction features a third-generation version of transport technology originally developed for the Test Track attraction at Epcot in Walt Disney World.

The attraction takes guests in a six-person vehicle through encounters with Audio Animatronic characters from the film Cars. Guests then race another vehicle through turns and hills, ending with a randomized race result.

At a cost of over $200 million, the attraction is the most expensive at Disneyland Resort and one of the most expensive theme park attractions in the world. It accounted for about 18% of the entire cost of the $1.1 billion expansion of Disney California Adventure Park.

#31 - Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor (WDW Magic Kingdom)

46 total points
Appeared on 4 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #7 (Mike T.)

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is an interactive comedy show featuring digital puppetry technology, which allows live actors to perform voices behind a large digital screen, while computer-rendered monsters appear on the screen to have dialogue with the show guests.

Having mastered the technology to capture power from human laughter, the monsters of Monstropolis find that it is easier to invite humans into their Laugh Floor, rather than visiting each one individually. Mike Wazowski (with one eye) is the show's emcee, and the various comedians that appear are tasked with making the audience laugh enough to fill the laughter can and make their quota (while supplying enough power to open the doors).

The show's unscripted nature is designed to make each performance unique. However, there are some common jokes that appear more frequently than others.

As the guests are seated, the theatre's cameras will locate guests and provide humorous captions, early Saturday Night Live style, such as "will treat everyone to churros" or "has no idea where s/he is" or "doesn't know they're on the screen" or "always hides a third eye."

The show will always focus its attention on a single guest, known as "that guy," throughout the performance. Usually, the use is as part of a punchline of a joke; for example, a monster might say, "I know how I'm going to dress up for Halloween ... I'm going as 'that guy." This guest will receive an "I Was 'That Guy'" sticker at the end of the show.

Disney Imagineers have stated that as the show continues to evolve, more acts and jokes will be added and others will be retired based on guest reactions and feedback.

I have been the "guy about the spontaneously bust out dancing" twice and "guy who is treating everyone to churros" once. I have never received a sticker.

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Re: Contribute to the Top 50 Disney Parks Attractions List!

Post by MW1218 » Apr Sat 26, 2014 11:06 pm

#30-Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (WDW-Magic Kingdom & Disneyland)
1955-Present (Disneyland), 1971-1998 (WDW)

51 total points
Appeared on 4 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #1 (Wesley D.)

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is a classic dark ride based on Disney's adaptation of The Wind in the Willows, one of the two segments of the film The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.

In this ride, you board an old-fashioned motor car and go with Mr. Toad "on a wild ride to nowhere in particular," with destinations including Toad Hall, the English countryside, a fireworks factory, jail and HELL.


While the Disneyland version of this ride is still open, the Walt Disney World one was closed in 1998 to make room for The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. The Imagineers did not forget about Mr. Toad, however, as he is memorialized in two places. In the first, a hidden portrait in Winnie the Pooh portrays him handing the deed of Toad Hall to Owl, and, in the second, his statue formerly found at the entrance to his attraction now sits in the Pet Cemetery at The Haunted Mansion.

#29-Dinosaur (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

52 total points
Appeared on 5 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #9 (Mike T.)

Dinosaur (originally named Countdown to Extinction) is a dark ride enhanced motion vehicle attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom, using the same ride system found in the the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland.

In the attraction based on the 2000 film, Dinosaur, guests board vehicles called Time Rovers and are taken on a turbulent journey through the Cretaceous period, featuring prehistoric scenes populated with Audio-Animatronic dinosaurs.

Phylicia Rashad is in this attraction's preshow film.

#28-ElecTRONica (Disney's California Adventure)

52 total points
Appeared on 3 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #3 (Kristen R.)

ElecTRONica was a nighttime event at Disney California Adventure, that was opened in conjunction with the film Tron: Legacy. Located in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot section of the park, the attraction featured music, dancing, beverages and a re-creation of Flynn's Arcade from the Tron franchise.

ElecTRONica was a successor of sorts to GlowFest, a nighttime dance party that took place at Disney California Adventure during the summer of 2010. Disney held an open call in September for hip-hop dancers with martial arts experience. ElecTRONica debuted on October 8 and was originally scheduled to run until April. It was then extended through Labor Day, and Disney later announced the event would continue through April 15, 2012.

Mad T Party, a similar show based on Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, replaced it, beginning on June 15, 2012.

#27-Peter Pan's Flight (Disneyland & Magic Kingdom-WDW)
1955 (Disneyland), 1971 (WDW) - Present

53 total points
Appeared on 4 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #7 (Kristen R.)

Peter Pan's Flight is a classic dark ride at the Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris theme parks.

The attraction differs slightly from traditional dark rides because of its suspended track. Rather than running along rails on the ground through the attraction, the ride vehicles, themed after Captain Hook's pirate ship, are suspended from the ceiling to simulate flight.

Peter Pan did not appear in the original version of the ride, since the original intent of the attraction was for guests to fly through the ride as if they were Peter Pan. Audiences did not quite grasp this concept and were left wondering why Peter Pan was not in the Peter Pan attraction. The Walt Disney World version of the ride, which opened in 1971, expanded on the original Disneyland attraction. While the overall theme and format of the ride was consistent with the original in California, the Magic Kingdom ride, as with the other dark rides, would feature its characters in Audio-Animatronic style.

#26-California Screamin' - Disney's California Adventure
2001 - Present

60 total points
Appeared on 3 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #3 (Bill H.)

California Screamin' is a steel roller coaster featuring a linear induction launch located at Disney California Adventure. California Screamin' is one of the park's original rides, and is the only roller coaster at the Disneyland Resort to feature an inversion. Its top speed of 55 miles per hour (89 km/h) makes it the fastest ride at the Disneyland Resort, and one of the fastest rides at any Disney theme park.

Like Space Mountain and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, California Screamin' is set to music. On November 5, 2010, the attraction's original recorded safety spiels were updated with the voice of actor Neil Patrick Harris.

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Re: Contribute to the Top 50 Disney Parks Attractions List!

Post by MW1218 » Apr Mon 28, 2014 9:08 pm

#25- WEDWay People Mover, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, TTA, Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover (WDW), Peoplemover (Disneyland)
1967-1995(Disneyland), 1975-Present (WDW)

61 total points
Appeared on 5 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #3 (Ryan W.)

The Peoplemover is an elevated method of transportation that takes guests in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom on a tour over and around Tomorrowland. Passengers board trains not powered by motors within themselves, but rather by being pushed by rotating tires each with its own electric motor, embedded in the track once every nine feet.

Both versions of the attraction enter the show buildings for various Tomorrowland attractions, and feature narration about the ride's surroundings. A version of the Walt Disney World attraction in place from 1994 - 2009 helped enhance the theme that Tomorrowland was no longer a showcase for future technology, but a functioning city of the future, with the Tomorrowland Transit Authority serving as the "highway in the sky."

The Disneyland version of the attraction featured a high speed tunnel portion of the ride, added in 1977, which was later modified to portray a Tron theme, with riders being told they were experiencing "the game grid." In 1998, the Disneyland attraction was closed to make way for Rocket Rods, a short-lived racing attraction.

#24- Test Track (Epcot)

62 total points
Appeared on 5 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #6 (Elizabeth S.)

Test Track is a giant slot car attraction located in Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort that simulates a trip through the rigorous testing procedures that General Motors (now Chevy) uses to evaluate its vehicles, culminating in a high-speed drive around the exterior of the attraction.

The first version of the ride essentially made the riders into crash test dummies, subjecting them to tests like suspension; driving the car over various uneven road surfaces, anti lock brakes, and extreme test environments before sending them on the high-speed loop on the exterior of the show building.

The newest version allows guests to design their own car while waiting to board, choosing from a variety of options including speed, handling, and gas mileage. The designs are then loaded, via RFD card, onto the attraction and graded in real-time based on the test subject within the ride. The interior of the ride also reflects an almost Tron-like environment to simulate the focus on computer design.

#23- Mickey's Philharmagic (Magic Kingdom - WDW)

65 total points
Appeared on 6 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #8 (Linda C.)

Mickey's PhilharMagic is a 4-D film attraction found at the Magic Kingdom theme park in the Walt Disney World shown on the largest purpose-built 3D screen ever made, at 150 feet wide., The film was directed by George Scribner, who is best known for directing Disney's 1988 animated film, Oliver and Company, and is a 12-minute long show featuring 3D effects, scents, and water, as well as a number of characters from Disney movies.

The attraction is unique in being one of a very select amount of attractions in the Disney theme parks in which Walt Disney Imagineering has collaborated with another division of The Walt Disney Company - in this instance, it was Walt Disney Feature Animation. Legendary Disney animator Glen Keane re-rendered Ariel from The Little Mermaid in 3D, returning after rendering her in 2D in the original film. Nik Ranieri, supervising animator of Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, also returned to animate that character in 3D. Most of Donald Duck's dialogue is actually archival recordings by his original voice actor, Clarence Nash. Tony Anselmo, Donald's current voice actor, recorded only five new lines for the character in this attraction (such as the scene where Donald Duck hums to the tune of the song "Be Our Guest".)

#22- The Mad Tea Party (Magic Kingdom - WDW, Disneyland)
1955 (Disneyland), 1971 (WDW) -Present

69 total points
Appeared on 5 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #4 (Bill H.)

Mad Tea Party is a spinning tea cup ride at all Disney theme parks around the world. The ride was inspired by the Unbirthday Party scene in Disney's Alice In Wonderland, and has gained infamy over the years for the number of guests who get motion sickness as a result of the spinning component to the ride.

Three small turntables, which rotate clockwise, each holding six teacups, within one large turntable, rotating counter-clockwise, make up the ride's operating system. The sleepy Dormouse can be seen popping his head out of a large teapot in the middle of the large turntable, but only at Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland, as the other parks do not feature a central teapot.

The original attraction at Disneyland is unable to run in the rain because once the turntables are saturated with a moderate amount of water, they slip and can no longer spin. The other versions of this attraction at Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland are covered to prevent such situations, as well as to protect riders from extreme heat and sun. Unlike its Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, and Hong Kong Disneyland counterparts, the Disneyland Paris version has a petal-shaped glass roof.

#21- It's A Small World (Magic Kingdom - WDW, Disneyland)
1966 (Disneyland), 1971 (WDW) -Present

70 total points
Appeared on 7 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #4 (Kristen R.)

It's a Small World was created by WED Enterprises as the 1964 New York World's Fair's UNICEF pavilion sponsored by Pepsi. It featured a kinetic sculpture, The Tower of the Four Winds, a 120-foot perpetually spinning mobile created by WED designer Rolly Crump, at its entrance. It was added to four attractions (Magic Skyway [Ford], Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln [Illinois], The Carousel of Progress [GE], and CircleVision 360 [Kodak]) already under development which were used by Disney to sponsor, fund and test concepts and develop ride systems and innovative entertainment intended to be moved and re-built at Disneyland after the World's Fair closed in 1966.

Mary Blair was responsible for the attraction's whimsical design and color styling. Blair had been an art director on several Disney animated features (including Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland, and Peter Pan). Like many Disneyland attractions, scenes and characters were designed by Marc Davis, while his wife, Alice Davis, designed the costumes for the dolls. Rolly Crump designed the toys and other supplemental figures on display. The animated dolls were designed and sculpted by Blaine Gibson. Walt was personally involved with Gibson's development of the dolls' facial design (each animated doll face is completely identical in shape, hence the name "It's a Small World").

Walt showed a scale model of the attraction to his staff songwriters Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman, saying, "I need one song that can be easily translated into many languages and be played as a round." The Sherman Brothers then wrote "It's a Small World)"in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which influenced the song's message of peace and brotherhood. When they first presented it to Walt, they played it as a slow ballad. Walt requested something more cheerful, so they sped up the tempo and sang in counterpoint. Walt was so delighted with the final result that he renamed the attraction "It's a Small World" after the Sherman Brothers' song.

It is argued that this song is the single most performed and most translated piece of music on Earth.

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Re: Contribute to the Top 50 Disney Parks Attractions List!

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#20- The Carousel of Progress (WDW - Magic Kingdom, Disneyland)
1967-1973 (Disneyland), 1975-Present (WDW)

70 total points
Appeared on 6 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #6 (TMBG 12 & Mike T.)

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress is an Audio Animatronic stage show originally created by both Walt Disney and WED Enterprises as the prime feature of the General Electric (GE) Pavilion for the 1964 New York World's Fair. The attraction was moved to Tomorrowland at Disneyland as Carousel of Progress, remaining there from 1967 until 1973, before reopening in its present home in Walt Disney World Resort's Magic Kingdom in 1975.

Steeped in both nostalgia and futurism, the attraction's premise is an exploration of the joys of living through the advent of electricity and other technological advances during the 20th century via a "typical" American family. To keep it up with the times, the attraction has been updated five times (in 1967, 1975, 1981, 1985, and 1993) and has had two different theme songs, both written by the Sherman Brothers (Disney's Academy Award-winning songwriting team).

Various sources say Walt Disney himself proclaimed that the Carousel of Progress was his favorite attraction and that it should never cease operation. This can be somewhat supported by family and friends, who knew of his constant work on the attraction.

The Carousel of Progress holds the record as the longest-running stage show with the most performances, in the history of American theater.

#19 - MuppetVision 3-D (WDW-Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's California Adventure)
1991 - (WDW), 2001 (Disney's California Adventure) - Present

81 total points
Appeared on 7 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #10 (TMBG 12)

The show is a 3D film featuring Jim Henson's Muppets. Due to the use of Audio-Animatronics, a live full-bodied Muppet and other similar effects, the show is sometimes referred to as "Muppet*Vision 4-D"

The film was directed by Henson and written by Bill Prady. The show was the final Muppets project with the involvement of Jim Henson and Richard Hunt and the last time they performed their characters. Henson and Hunt died in 1990 and 1992, respectively.

#18 - Spaceship Earth - Epcot
1982 - Present

82 total points
Appeared on 5 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #3 (Dizneesmurf)

Spaceship Earth is the iconic and symbolic structure of Epcot, the second of four theme parks built at the Walt Disney World Resort. One of the most recognizable structures of any theme park, it is also the name of the attraction that is housed within the 18-story geodesic sphere that takes guests on a time machine-themed experience using the Omnimover system.

The 15-minute dark ride demonstrates to guests how advancements in human communication have helped to create the future one step at a time. Passengers journey back in time to witness the origins of prehistoric man, then travel forward in time to witness important breakthroughs in communication throughout history—from the invention of the alphabet to the creation of the printing press to today's modern communication advancements, including telecommunication and mass communication. At the conclusion of the ride, passengers have the chance to design their own future using touch screens that are embedded into the ride cars.

There have been four versions of the ride, each featuring a unique narrator; Lawrence Dobkin, Walter Cronkite, Jeremy's Iron and Judi Dench, in order.

The structure was designed with the help of science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, who also helped write the original storyline for the attraction. The term 'Spaceship Earth' was coined by Buckminster Fuller, who also developed the structural mathematics of the geodesic dome.

#17 - Kilimanjaro Safaris - Disney's Animal Kingdom
1998 - Present

84 total points
Appeared on 8 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #3 (Elizabeth S.)

Kilimanjaro Safaris is a safari attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom on the Walt Disney World Resort property in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. It simulates an open-sided safari ride through the savanna of East Africa. It is the largest attraction in Walt Disney World by land mass and the entire Magic Kingdom could fit inside the attraction's footprint.

Between each ecosystem includes both chain road sensors and bars to prevent animals from venturing between sections. The vehicles drive directly on these obstacles.

The ostrich eggs sometimes seen by the safari road are fake. Sorry to crush your dreams, guys.

#16 - Rock 'N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith - Disney's Hollywood Studios
1999 - Present

88 total points
Appeared on 5 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #1 (Amanda G.)

Rock 'N Roller Coaster is an enclosed steel roller coaster ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios, accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds (making this the second-fastest attraction at the Walt Disney World Resort, behind only Test Track).

The riders experience 4.5 G (44 m/s2) as they enter the first inversion, more than an astronaut does on a space shuttle launch. Both versions of the attraction feature five trains, although only four can run at one time. The remaining train is kept in backup while being serviced (each train is rotated out periodically for safety reasons).

The ride formerly featured Uncle Joe Benson, a well-known Los Angeles, CA rock radio DJ, as the station's DJ. Currently, Bill Hart (known as Bill St. James), the host of ABC Radio's "Flashback", provides the voice for the DJ of "LA's Classic Rock Station".

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Re: Contribute to the Top 50 Disney Parks Attractions List!

Post by MW1218 » May Sat 03, 2014 5:59 am

#10- Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain (Disney's Animal Kingdom - WDW)
2006 - Present

116 total points
Appeared on 7 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #1 (Elizabeth S.)

Expedition Everest — Legend of the Forbidden Mountain is a steel roller coaster at Disney's Animal Kingdom park themed around an excursion in the Himalayas concluding with an encounter with the legendary yeti.

Expedition Everest is listed in the 2011 book of Guinness World Records as the most expensive roller coaster in the world; including sets and extras, its total cost was reported to be US$100 million, following 6 years of planning and construction. At 199 feet, it is the tallest of the artificial mountains in Disney parks around the world.

The yeti is the largest and most complex audio-animatronic figure ever built by Walt Disney Imagineering. It is 22 feet tall and its movement is controlled by 19 actuators (when functioning in "A-mode", its full mode of operation). It can move 5 ft (1.5 m) horizontally and 2 ft (0.61 m) vertically when functioning in "A-mode".

The yeti has not been in full "A-mode" operation since a few months after the ride's opening,when its framing split, causing significant risk of catastrophic malfunction if it were operated. It currently only operates in the alternative "B-mode", which is limited to a strobe-light effect with wind being blown on the figure to give the appearance of movement, earning it the nickname "Disco Yeti". The problem was caused by damage to the yeti's concrete base structure, which is unlikely to be repaired until a major refurbishment in the distant future, because the design limits access to the yeti without major disassembly of the superstructure.

#9- Soarin' (Epcot, WDW) Soarin' Over California (Disney's California Adventure)
2001 (DCA) 2005 (Epcot) - Present

139 total points
Appeared on 10 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #2 (Elizabeth S.)

Soarin' Over California is a simulator attraction at Disney California Adventure and Walt Disney World's Epcot park. The ride employs a mechanical lift system for the seats, a film presentation on a large concave projection screen, and, at certain points, artificial scents to simulate flight via a hang glider ride over several California landmarks. The ride's soundtrack was written by Jerry Goldsmith.

The attraction, which lasts about four minutes and 51 seconds, takes 87 guests at a time on a simulated hang glider tour of California, flying over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Redwood Creek in Humboldt County, Napa Valley, Monterey, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park (including Yosemite Falls and Half Dome), the PGA West Palmer Course in La Quinta (credited in the queue video presentation as Palm Springs), Camarillo, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, San Diego, Malibu, Los Angeles, and Disneyland itself during the Christmas season. The last few scenes transition from daytime to dusk and then to night, culminating in Disneyland's Holiday fireworks surrounding the riders in the nighttime sky.

In addition to the state's various landscapes, the ride also highlights its diverse recreation, including snow skiing, river rafting, kayaking, golf, horseback riding, hot air ballooning and of course, hang gliding. The USAF Thunderbirds and aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) at Naval Base San Diego are also featured. An original score by film composer Jerry Goldsmith accompanies the imagery, and appropriate scents (citrus, pine, sagebrush, ocean mist) fill the air as the ride vehicles themselves move gently to simulate the sensations of flight.

Soarin' Over California was first conceptualized in 1996 as "Ultra Flight," a name which can still be seen on the tower consoles of the California Adventure attraction. It was to feature an OMNIMAX screen with an inverted track allowing guests to fly over California's landmarks. The attraction would have three load levels and the system would operate on a horizontal cable, much like a dry cleaner's rack. This plan was abandoned, however, when it was determined that the construction and labor costs for that design would be prohibitive. It seemed that Soarin' wouldn't become a reality until engineer Mark Sumner developed a different idea for the ride vehicles, using an Erector Set and string to create a working model. This design would allow Disney to efficiently load guests on one level instead of three, thus cutting construction and labor costs greatly.

#8 - Star Tours (Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios, WDW)
1987 (Disneyland) 1989 (WDW) - Present

157 total points
Appeared on 10 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #3 (TMBG12)

Star Tours is a motion simulator attraction themed around a shuttle transportation trip in the Star Wars universe. The ride is based on the successful Star Wars film series created by George Lucas. At its debut at Disneyland in 1987, it was the first Disney attraction based on a non-Disney produced film.

The ride that became Star Tours first saw light as a proposal for an attraction based on the 1979 Disney live-action film The Black Hole. It would have been an interactive ride-simulator attraction where guests would have had the ability to choose the route. However, after preliminary planning the Black Hole attraction was shelved due to its enormous cost—approximately $50 million USD—as well as the unpopularity of the film itself.

Instead of completely dismissing the idea of a simulator, the company decided to make use of a partnership between Disney and George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, that began in 1986 with the opening of Captain EO (a 3-D musical film starring Michael Jackson) at the California park. Disney then approached Lucas with the idea for Star Tours. With Lucas' approval, Disney Imagineers purchased four military-grade flight simulators at a cost of $500,000 each and designed the ride structure.

The original budget for Star Tours was $32 million - approximately twice the amount that the entire Disneyland park cost to build in 1955.

In 2010, the ride was refurbished to include high definition displays, 3D technology, advanced Audio Animatronics and a new random ride sequence that allows for 54 unique ride experiences.

#7 - Toy Story: Midway Mania (Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios, WDW)
2008 - Present

157 total points
Appeared on 10 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #2 (Amanda G.)

Toy Story Midway Mania is an interactive 4-D theme park shooter attraction that shrinks riders down to the size of Andy's toys and sets them loose in a variety of 3-D carnival style games.

The attraction features five mini-games after a practice round, each of which includes at least one "Easter egg" that can trigger additional targets or gameplay changes. These games include:

Pie Throw Practice Booth (pie toss target practice game, a no points introduction)
Hamm & Eggs (egg throw game now featuring Buttercup from Toy Story 3)
Rex and Trixie's Dino Darts (dart throw game; once Bo Peep's Baa-loon Pop)
Green Army Men Shoot Camp (baseball throw / plate breaking game)
Buzz Lightyear's Flying Tossers (ring toss game)
Woody's Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gallery (suction cup shooting game)
The line at both parks features a large Mr. Potato Head Audio-Animatronics figure that interacts with guests through pre-recorded snippets of dialogue performed by comedian Don Rickles, who voiced the character in the Toy Story films. The sophisticated figure identifies people in the audience, sings and tells jokes.

#6 - Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland and WDW's Magic Kingdom)
1967 (Disneyland), 1973 (WDW) - Present

169 total points
Appeared on 12 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #2 (Wesley D.)

Pirates of the Caribbean is a dark ride at Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Park in Paris. The original version at Disneyland, which opened in 1967, was the last attraction whose construction was overseen by Walt Disney himself; he died three months before it opened. The ride, which originally told the story of a band of pirates including their troubles and their exploits, was replicated at the Magic Kingdom in 1973, at Tokyo Disneyland in 1983, and at Disneyland Paris in 1992. Each version of the ride has a different façade, but has a similar ride experience.

The ride is known for giving rise to the song "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)" written by George Bruns and Xavier Atencio. It also became the basis for the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, which debuted in 2003. Since 2006, Disney has incrementally incorporated characters from the film series into the Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, and Tokyo Disneyland versions of the rides.

The ride was originally envisioned to be a walk-through wax museum attraction. It is located within the New Orleans Square portion of Disneyland, its facade evoking antebellum era New Orleans, topped by a 31-star United States flag (which would indicate the 1850s). The second floor of the facade was originally designed to be a private Disney family apartment. The Blue Bayou Restaurant within the ride opened the same day as the attraction, and is considered one of the original theme restaurants.

The position of the pieces on the chess board in the attraction's pre-show is not random. Marc Davis carefully arranged the pieces so that any move will result in a stalemate; thus, the skeletons have been playing the same game since 1973. The pieces were accidentally moved during a minor refurbishment and were not returned to their proper positions until someone found Marc Davis's original sketches.

#5 - Splash Mountain (Disneyland and WDW's Magic Kingdom)
1989 (Disneyland), 1992 (WDW) - Present

169 total points
Appeared on 10 of 16 Lists. Top vote: #1 (Susan H.)

Splash Mountain is a log flume-style dark ride at Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort, based on the characters, stories, and songs from the 1946 Disney film Song of the South. Although there are variations in the story and features between the three locations, each installation begins with a peaceful outdoor float-through that leads to indoor dark ride segments, with a climactic steep drop into a "briar patch" followed by an indoor finale. The drop is 53 feet.

The idea for Splash Mountain was originally conceived in the summer of 1983 by Imagineer Tony Baxter while stuck in rush hour traffic on his way to work. He wanted to attract guests to the often-empty Bear Country land and make use of the Audio-Animatronics from America Sings, which were also receiving poor attendance. It was Dick Nunis who insisted that the Imagineers create a log flume for Disneyland, but the Imagineers were initially unenthusiastic about it, insisting that log flumes were too ordinary a theme park attraction to include in a park like Disneyland. While trying to solve the problems of including a log flume, bringing people into Bear Country and reusing the America Sings characters, Baxter then thought of Song of the South.

At the time it was built, Splash Mountain was one of the most expensive projects created by Walt Disney Imagineering at a cost of $75 million. According to Alice Davis (wife of the late Marc Davis), when America Sings closed in April 1988, production of Disneyland's Splash Mountain had gone far over budget. The only way to recover was to close down America Sings and use the characters from that attraction.

Baxter and his team developed the concept of Zip-a-Dee River Run, which would incorporate scenes from Song of the South. The name was later changed to Splash Mountain after then-CEO Michael Eisner's mostly-ignored suggestion that the attraction be used to help market the film Splash. The characters from America Sings were used in many scenes, though all of the main characters were specifically designed for Splash Mountain.

#4 - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Disneyland and WDW's Magic Kingdom)
1980 (WDW), 1979 (DL) - Present

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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (often shortened to Big Thunder Mountain or Thunder Mountain) is an indoor/outdoor mine train roller coaster located in Frontierland at several Disneyland-style Disney Parks worldwide. The attraction tells the story of a railroad line through a cursed gold mine.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was designed by Imagineer Tony Baxter and ride design engineer Bill Watkins. The concept came from Baxter's work on fellow Imagineer Marc Davis's concept for the Western River Expedition, a western-themed pavilion at the Magic Kingdom, designed to look like an enormous plateau and contain many rides, including a runaway mine train roller coaster. However, because the pavilion as a whole, was deemed too expensive in light of the 1973 construction and opening of Pirates of the Caribbean, Baxter proposed severing the mine train and building it as a separate attraction.

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad project was put on hold again in 1974 as resources and personnel were being diverted to work on constructing Space Mountain over in Tomorrowland, but this delay may have ultimately produced a smoother ride as the use of computers in attraction design was just beginning when the project was resumed. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was one of the first Disney rides to utilize computer-aided design.

#3 - Space Mountain (Disneyland and WDW's Magic Kingdom)
1980 (WDW), 1979 (DL) - Present

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Space Mountain is a space-themed indoor roller coaster attraction located at all five Magic Kingdom-style Disney Parks across the world. Although all five versions of the attraction are different in nature, all have a similar domed exterior façade that is a landmark for the respective park. The first Space Mountain ride opened in 1975 at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and similar attractions were then eventually built at the other Disney parks.

Space Mountain concept was a descendant of the first Disney "mountain" attraction, the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland, which opened in 1959.The Matterhorn's success had convinced Walt Disney that thrilling rides did have a place in his park.

A new Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction was considered, but it wouldn't fit within Florida's Fantasyland. Ultimately, designers returned to designing Space Mountain. The Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland had the right amount of available land, and computing technology had improved significantly since the initial design phases. However, it was decided the mountain would be built outside the park, on the opposite side of the train tracks that act as the perimeter of the park.

The success of Walt Disney World's Space Mountain prompted designers to revisit their original plan to build one for Disneyland. The track layout was different from that in Florida because of space limitations in the California park, but the California version was the first to feature on-board music. The Florida version has since added "Starry-O-Phonic" sound, achieved by speakers placed throughout the ride building.

#2 - The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Disney's California Adventure and Disney's Hollywood Studios (WDW)
1994 (WDW), 2004 (DL) - Present

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is an accelerated drop tower thrill ride based upon the famous television show The Twilight Zone, taking place in a fictionalized version of an actual location, The Hollywood Tower Hotel.

The inspiration behind this theming is located in Hollywood, California. The Tokyo version, which features an original storyline not derived from The Twilight Zone (due to the TV show being relatively less recognized in Japan), takes place in the fictional Hotel Hightower. The three Twilight Zone-based versions and the unique Tokyo version all place riders in a vehicle themed old hotel elevator, and present riders with a fictional back story in which people mysteriously disappeared from a hotel elevator under the influence of some supernatural element many years prior.

The Tower of Terror buildings are among the tallest found at their respective Disney resorts. At 199 feet (60.7 m), the Florida version is the second tallest attraction building at the Walt Disney World Resort, shorter only than Expedition Everest's 199.5 feet (60.8 m). If the building had been 200 feet or higher, state law would have required lights at the top of the structure, so in an effort to keep the building authentic, the Imagineers stopped just short. At the Disneyland Resort, the 183-foot (55.8 m) structure is the tallest attraction at the resort, as well as one of the tallest buildings in Anaheim

The Florida version of the attraction features both a horizontal dark ride component, where the elevator leaves its original shaft and enters the drop shaft, and a random drop sequence, so that every ride is unique. In an effort to save money on construction, the entire California Adventure version takes place in one drop shaft.

#1 - The Haunted Mansion (Disneyland and WDW's Magic Kingdom)
1969 (DL), 1971(WDW) - Present

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The Haunted Mansion is a haunted house dark ride located at Disneyland, Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World), and Tokyo Disneyland. Phantom Manor, a significantly re-imagined version of the Haunted Mansion, is located exclusively in Disneyland Paris. The newest rendition at Hong Kong Disneyland is called Mystic Manor.

The Haunted Mansion features a ride-through tour in Omnimover vehicles called "Doom Buggies," preceded by a walk-through show in the queue. The attraction utilizes a range of technology, from centuries-old theatrical effects to modern special effects and spectral Audio-Animatronics.

Marc Davis and Claude Coats, two of the mansion's main designers, disagreed whether the ride should be scary or funny. Claude, originally a background artist, wanted a scary adventure, and produced renditions of moody surroundings like endless hallways, corridors of doors and other characterless environments. Marc, an animator and character designer, proposed many zany spook characters and thought the ride should be silly and full of gags. In the end, both artists got their ways when X Atencio combined their approaches and ideas, creating an entertaining transition from dark foreboding to "spirited" fun.

The ghosts in the ballroom are commonly believed to be holograms. However, all the ghosts in the ballroom scene are created using a clever variation of Pepper's Ghost, an illusion invented in the mid-19th century. The version of the illusion in the Haunted Mansion works like this: a row of columns in front of the mezzanine are supporting gigantic panes of glass, which are nearly invisible to guests. The "ghosts" are merely the reflections in the glass of Audio-Animatronics figures, located in rooms above and below the mezzanine, where the walls are painted entirely black. The Audio-Animatronics figures of the ghosts that appear on or near the floor are located below the mezzanine, while those of the ghosts which appear near the ceiling are located above the mezzanine. None of the reflections are at the guests' eye level, since that would require the Audio-Animatronics figures to be located in a place visible to guests.

The foyer, stretching room, and ride narration was performed by Paul Frees in the role of the Ghost Host. Grim Grinning Ghosts was composed by Buddy Baker and the lyrics were written by X Atencio. It can be heard in nearly every area of the ride, with various instrumentations and tempos. Contrary to popular belief, "Grim Grinning Ghosts" is not performed by the Mellomen, but rather by a pickup group. The only member of the Mellomen heard is that of the deep bass voice of Thurl Ravenscroft (best known for voicing Tony the Tiger in television commercials and How the Grinch Stole Christmas), who sings as part of a quintet of singing busts in the graveyard scene. Ravenscroft's face is used as well, projected onto the bust. His face is often confused with that of Walt Disney himself.

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