Losing My Pixie Dust Desire

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Re: Losing My Pixie Dust Desire

Post by cousininmiami » Nov Sat 08, 2014 11:05 am

If I'm not at Walt Disney World... then I'm planning the next trip. There is still lots and lots of Pixie Dust!!! We can go to Disney and not even go on one ride, just being there makes me happy! Going again in December.... the Holidays are Magical!
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Re: Losing My Pixie Dust Desire

Post by kelpseaweedkelp » Nov Tue 11, 2014 1:51 pm

Yeah I agree there is still pixie dust. I think its like with anything though - you have to pull yourself back from comparing it with what used to be and look for beautiful things now.
There are definitely noticeable changes in some areas and I feel like they are direct correlations to changes in the world - recessions, globalization (heavy Disney advertising in countries like Brazil, China, Argentina, Germany - and the guests bring a whole other way of doing things with them), labor laws, OSHA laws, blah blah etc etc.
I think it almost helps to take someone new who has fresh eyes and focus on their experience rather than what your past ones were. They will be thrilled the whole time and you can surf on their joy and see things through their eyes :goofy_bounce:

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Re: Losing My Pixie Dust Desire

Post by jderoche5 » Dec Wed 10, 2014 2:12 pm

There is definitely still pixie dust there. I almost think the issue with going frequently is that you notice more and more with each additional visit. Those things that now appear less magical may have always taken place, but because your a "regular" they tend to stick out more. I agree that the "herding" stinks. Because of this I find myself attending night shows less and less. Instead I find different ways to experience the shows (California Grill at night, Firework from the Poly Beach etc). We do tend to spend less and less time in the parks, but Disney isn't just about their parks anymore. There is so much to see and do. Once you've seen everything you don't feel the need to rush and see it all again trip after trip. Don't get me wrong, there are those rides that I can't live without seeing every time, but there is alot I skip more often than not. We try to experience different restaurants and shows as well as different tours to keep the Disney magic alive.

I am going on 80+ visit and we are actually contemplating DVC after our wedding in July. The pixie dust will never die for me :)
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Re: Losing My Pixie Dust Desire

Post by Belle1082 » Dec Tue 23, 2014 9:34 am

I agree with looking at things differently and having the different experiences that make each visit unique. I'm also looking forward to our trip in October 2015 for the fact that I will be taking my son for his first trip. He will only be 15 months, but I know he will take things in as a 15 month child would and it will still be magical and full of memories. I know it will be special for me this trip and every trip after, as I get to relive Disney through his eyes -- and as it will be different for him as it was for me as a child -- it will still be so wonderful and magical to get to experience that with him and with my family. My pixie dust runneth over. ;-)

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