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Captain EO on video?

Posted: Oct Tue 26, 2004 1:55 pm
by Vonderbach
Ok, now that I have an audience that is specialized for this particular question, has anyone heard of a video recording of Captain EO or any plans to release one in the future?

I assume that Captain EO was first removed when Mikey paid off one of his victims.... err I mean child house guests. But for those of us whom can appreciate the movie for what it was would like to see the original film. The audio is great, but dare I ask for more? :wink:


Posted: Oct Tue 26, 2004 6:36 pm
by subsonic
Disney doesn't realize that there's an untapped well of money for them. So many people are interested in audio and video from the parks. They should hire me to do this full time for 100k a year :)

Anyways, I don't know of a Video version.. anybody else?


Posted: Oct Tue 26, 2004 9:27 pm
by sockfire
Check with Extinct Attractions and Remain Seated (both in the main page sidebar links section).

Both specialize in video. Extinct Attractions has a very large catalog, and you can probably find out from the guy that runs that site. He is very responsive to inquiries, but he charges money for his stuff.

At Remain Seated it is all downloadable.

I have never seen Eo at either place, but they should be able to help locate it.

Posted: Oct Wed 27, 2004 5:52 am
by Vonderbach
After a bit of searching, I found it in a very unexpected place. I guess the most obvious place isn't so obvious after all. ;) ... 1QQfromZR8

Does anyone see a problem with any of these? Unless I know of a reason not to, I'm going to bid on the DVD.

Posted: Oct Wed 27, 2004 11:28 am
by js3901 ... etail&p=23

If you buy the "Journey into Imagination" dvd, Captain EO is included. And, you don't have to bid for it. :D

Posted: Oct Wed 27, 2004 11:52 am
by Vonderbach
I can't believe I missed that! I never would have thought it would be included in a bundle.


Posted: Oct Wed 27, 2004 1:13 pm
by eagle4life69
Good job js you probably just saved him a lot of hassle and money not including the fact that it could have been slightly damaged and then your really screwed.

Posted: Oct Wed 27, 2004 1:38 pm
by amychester
I just got my DVD'S in the mail from Extinct Attractions - I got Universe of Energy, The Land, Horizons, Journey into Imagination, World of Motion and If You Had Wings. I got all 6 for $70. So far I've watched Imagination and Horizons.

Imagination has a "ride through" on it. This is someone's home movie as they camcorded the whole ride. THe quality is lacking. Captain EO is on there as a bonus feature - and it looks really good, not camcorded in the theatre. THere is also a "history" of Imagination - this is very well done. It's a hodgepodge of video clips and images with professional sounding narration.

Horizons has another "ride through" via camcorder. It's not bad, especially if you are just looking to reminisce. The "history" is also pretty well done.

I'll post more after I watch the other DVD's if anyone is interested.

So far, I suppose it was money well spent - even if it is mostly someone else home videos...

Posted: Oct Wed 27, 2004 1:41 pm
by sockfire
amychester wrote:I'll post more after I watch the other DVD's if anyone is interested.
Yes please. I'd love to hear more about these DVDs. Especially notes about quality.

Posted: Oct Wed 27, 2004 1:42 pm
by subsonic
amychester wrote: I'll post more after I watch the other DVD's if anyone is interested.

So far, I suppose it was money well spent - even if it is mostly someone else home videos...
Please do, I hope they get an Alien Encounter one.

Someone elses home videos is better than not seeing a ride ever again.

Posted: Oct Wed 27, 2004 2:04 pm
by Vonderbach
Or never having seen it at all. *sniff*

I went there a couple months ago not knowing that they had abandoned the idea and was horribly and disgustedly upset when I saw Lilo and Stitch was replacing it. I feel dirty. ;)

Posted: Oct Wed 27, 2004 5:41 pm
by subsonic
I do agree that Alien Encounter was a little too scary and wasn't Disney. But, darn, it was a cool attraction! Great example of use of effecting a person's senses.

Posted: Oct Wed 27, 2004 11:51 pm
by js3901
I got the peoplemover DVD a week ago or so. It's half-way decent quality done in a professional way.

the movie gives a complete history of the ride, along with archived footage/interviews and ride-throughs :) . the ride throughs are camcorder versions of the ride, and the quality of those at times are a bit on the poor side :( . I'll get some screen shots and post them, when I get the chance (probably this weekend)... :)

Posted: Oct Thu 28, 2004 1:30 pm
by horizons1
Thanks, JS. I have wondered about the quality of those videos!

Posted: Oct Fri 29, 2004 12:51 am
by js3901
you can view the screen shots of the Peoplemove DVD here... ... ver%20DVD/

Password - disney

The pictures of the DVD itself (not the screen shots) are done with my crappy digital camera. sorry the quality of that isn't better...