Summer Heat!

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Summer Heat!

Post by elizabethswann » Jun Sun 22, 2008 10:01 pm

For the past two days I've been in cities with 105-107 temperatures in Southern California. I feel like I'm walking in an oven. It's so crazy! Granted Southern California is usually hot since we're towards the beaches and such but wow.

How's the weather where you're all at?

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Post by Len90 » Jun Sun 22, 2008 10:34 pm

Well, two weeks ago it was 100+ in Jersey, topping off at 102 midday on June 10. Recently, it has just been a lot of thunderstorms.
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Post by wxwiz » Jun Mon 23, 2008 1:28 am

I went to Disneyland last week when it was over 100. Had to keep cool and ride Splash Mountain and Grizzly River in DCA a couple of times.

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Post by skull » Jun Mon 23, 2008 6:34 am

I'm over on the east coast of canada, and it's been pretty cold here... the last 4 days though have been the hottest we've had this summer.... it's been about 24C which I belive is about 75F

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Post by tomdavo1 » Jun Mon 23, 2008 10:48 am

The weather in Cardiff, (Wales) is great, 66°F, 19°C... Lovely! :D

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Post by boilerbabe » Jun Mon 23, 2008 11:03 am

We're from Northwest IN, and we did have some hot days in the 90's and humid (almost felt like we were in WDW in the summer!) But, today is gorgeous, no humidity and in the upper 70's! Lovely! Too bad the entire summer won't stay this way! 8-)

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Post by kcarts » Jun Mon 23, 2008 12:41 pm

Weather in Boston was great for a parade last week. Little rainy lately.

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Post by bamato » Jun Tue 24, 2008 9:50 am

It hit 114 on Saturday last week. I was at the race track and all the asphalt and cars made it feel like 125... Supposedly monsoon season has started here in AZ, but no rain yet. But when it does I'm sure it will be miserable.....

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Post by disneydreamer58 » Jun Tue 24, 2008 11:09 am

I was in So. Cal from the 11th thru the 18th and it was pretty warm. We were at DL on the 14th & 15th and the standing in lines in the constant heat pouring down on you was more than this east coaster could handle. I was so sick of the park by 5pm that I would've loved to have been staying onsite so I could've went to take a nap!! We stayed off site at a horrible hotel that I have never stayed at before. Next time I will stay at one of the off site properties I know are ok! Couldn't afford to stay onsite :cry: and that would've been the best, cause a nap would've been just the ticket to get out of the heat.

In the Imperial Valley where my friend is from, it was 112 when I dropped him off, then I headed up to Palm Springs to spend the night so I could catch a 6am flight the next morning and at 4am on the way to the airport the temp was 87 degrees. Now I used to live in Palm Springs, but I can say having been away for 6 years, I don't think I could do the heat any more!

Landed in Boston to a nice 72 degrees with a breeze and no humidity!!!! :D
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Post by Calypso » Jun Tue 24, 2008 12:27 pm

78 and gorgeous in northern Michigan!!

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Post by Esmeralda » Jun Tue 24, 2008 12:53 pm

Finally hit 80 here in Minneapolis, the weather for the past few days has been quite lovely! Now I just have to hope the wind stays up so the mosquitoes stay away!
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Post by agingerbugg » Jun Wed 25, 2008 10:46 am

There is no place better than Florida. Sure it reaches near 100 around noon, but then at three there is a nice rainstorm that cools it to the comfortable 90s (I like the heat).
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Post by SWHorn » Jun Wed 25, 2008 4:05 pm

Calypso wrote:78 and gorgeous in northern Michigan!!
We don't even get lows that low.
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Post by HakuOni » Jun Wed 25, 2008 6:00 pm

well when i was in colorado the weather was just horrible and i guess it seems to just magnify everything from cali.

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Post by horizons1 » Jun Wed 25, 2008 6:42 pm

I'm in the dry heat capital (AZ) and we've already had a series of 110+ days.
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