Character Meet and Greets

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Re: Character Meet and Greets

Post by I am Sulley » Sep Sun 03, 2017 9:28 am

Amy wrote:
I am Sulley wrote:"Princess" tells us that at DLP due to excessive popularity causing lengthy queues Anna & Elsa meet and greets have been withdrawn for the time being :(
So at the moment she is hoping to be offered another Princess so she can do meet & greets. But with Christmas coming she hopes that Anna & Elsa will be out again.
That doesn't really even make sense :? You would think they would be pleased people would want to stand in line for such a long time. Unless they don't have the area for a long queue? And if they had space, they really could double up on the Anna & Elsa's to fit more people through the queue in a more acceptable wait time.
Hoping your Princess is able to fulfill her dream at Christmastime! What is she doing in the meantime?
Yes it didn't make much sense to me either.
In the meantime she has finished character training and is cleared to work as 13 different costume charcters and has been doing some meet & greets this last few days.
Next week she is doing some character meals and hotel visits, which should be fun and towards the weekend they start parade training.

She is really enjoying it all, although a bit homesick at the moment. Her apartment is not ready yet so is in a temporary one for 4 weeks. Hopefully when she has moved and can make her own home this will improve :)

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Re: Character Meet and Greets

Post by Amy » Sep Mon 04, 2017 2:29 pm

It's always tough to adjust being away from your family. I hope she is making some nice friends there though. That is great that she is still able to work even if it isn't quite the character she had hoped for just yet!

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Re: Character Meet and Greets

Post by cy1229 » Sep Wed 06, 2017 8:53 am

A little off topic but my older daughter's boyfriend is in France, in the town of Nancy, to teach English for the school year. His apartment is super tiny, with the only furniture being a twin sized bed and a small table and chair. No oven, just two electric burners, no microwave or room for one, and a very small fridge.

I hope your daughter's apartment is better!

If the lines for Anna and Elsa were interfering with park foot traffic or other attractions, I can see moving the location or limiting how many may stand in line at a time, but not making it go away entirely.
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