Renting DVC points - WOW

In relation to Disney Parks but not specific to a single resort

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Re: Renting DVC points - WOW

Post by cy1229 » Mar Sun 17, 2013 2:45 pm

Soarin08 wrote:The one at the Grand is shaping up nicely. :) I don't know, would there be room at the Poly to expand like that, does anyone think?
What's the soil like in the direction of the TTA? If it's not to marshy / squishy, it would be a good place.
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Re: Renting DVC points - WOW

Post by JenMuse » Mar Tue 19, 2013 3:43 pm

I don't own at Disney but I do own a timeshare through Hilton. I bought in 2005 and have taken 4 big trips using my points. If I take into account just the costs of the resorts, I need to make 3 more trips to break even on my initial purchase price of $10,444:

First trip was to the UK: 1 night in London, 2 nights in Bath, a week in Ballater, & 1 night in Edinburgh. And since I covered the resort, my traveling companion paid for the car in Scotland and 90% meals plus tickets to a few fringe festival shows in Edinburgh.

Next 3 trips were to Disney and since I was provided the resort, my family paid for the other big items (Dad covered airfare, Mom bought park tickets, sister & brother split food, parking, and rental car--everyone kicked in roughly $1100 each).

Adding in those financial perks, I've more than broken even on my initial buy-in and am making headway on the interest...but buying into the DVC, I'd still be at least 5 years out from covering the buy-in since it is so much higher. Not to mention the higher Maintenance Fees, limited locations, and expiration.

With DVC you are basically leasing for a set time; whereas with Hilton, I own forever and can pass it along to heirs just like my house.

Edit to add: all that said, I'm thinking that for my next Disney trip, I plan to try swapping points with a DVC owner through either or (Timeshare User Group). Would be great to eliminate the rental car and parking fees.
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