Experiences with CMs- care to share?

In relation to Disney Parks but not specific to a single resort

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Re: Experiences with CMs- care to share?

Post by Goofyfan » Jul Sat 28, 2012 9:14 pm

Wow!!! wouldn't it be nice if everyone would treat people like they do at Disney....It would make this world a better place. :) :goofy:

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Re: Experiences with CMs- care to share?

Post by figmentaholic » Jul Sat 28, 2012 11:12 pm

Amy wrote:
figmentaholic wrote:I hate to hear these negative posts, so let me post another positive one. It isn't one particular person, just the general help that we have been given.

We go every February, the makeup of the group changes a bit, but there are usually three core people, me, my hubby, and J, the guy who always organizes this (because essentially we go down there for his birthday every year)

The problem is that J has health issues and uses a scooter to help with mobility. So that means that we have to take things much slower, and that includes getting in and out of rides. His eyes are bad as well so he has to let his eyes adjust when we go into a dark place like Le Cellier etc.

Overall the CMs have been very accommodating and have been patient with him and us and for that we are eternally grateful. It is frustrating enough to have to go through Disney at a slower pace, so having their patience helps ours.
That is a kind statement to make about the CMs. I like that you said their patience helps with yours. I have to remind myself sometimes that F1gment would also like to go faster, like when she was younger, but she is so happy to be able to go at all, that I have to remember to slow down sometimes and also be happy that I am able to be there with her. It helps that some of the late EMH nights I can return to the parks by myself and go, go, go as fast as I want ;) :lol:

Some years we are lucky and we get a large group to go, sometimes a couple of us can break away for short times and go at a faster pace. But in the last couple of years that hasnt been the case.. those little times when my hubby and I can pull away really helps with our level of enjoyment as well.

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