Yodiwan1's first family trip 2014!!!

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Re: Yodiwan1's first family trip 2014!!!

Post by cy1229 » Feb Sun 09, 2014 10:25 am

Goofyfan wrote:
Amy wrote:
yodiwan1 wrote:firt " did that really just happen" moment...we check in, go to our room and bring in all the luggage. We then realist the family before us is still there! 4 cell phones, a purse, all their luggage...how on Earth did this happen?!?!?! well 45 min later, we're in a new room, DD is napping and we have $100 to spend on whatever we'd like! SCORE!!!! gonna go rest up before all of the real caziness begins!
Wow :shock: that is a weird one! $100 for 45 minutes of inconvenience isn't too shabby though ~ definitely a nice dinner on Disney for this trip huh? :D

Thats a lot of Dole Whips..... :D :goofy:
Princess stuff for Marissa. Let's be honest, that's how parents think about spending bonus bucks... On their kids. :)
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Re: Yodiwan1's first family trip 2014!!!

Post by yodiwan1 » Feb Mon 24, 2014 8:23 pm

lol, been back for 10 days, and still uploading pics and videos!!! WIll have some up soon..soonish...within a week! lol
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