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Post by Arete » Mar Sat 13, 2010 9:00 am

Pluto23 wrote:
Now I agree with you Arete. The counter service would probably be the plan for me - but its not much of a savings at $30 a day. We don't get a dessert at every counter service, and that is included in the plan. Only if it was a freebie would I use it.
I did the math and unless you consistently get something like the salmon it's more than likely a break even, buy it for the convenience plan. One thing we've done with the other plan is use a counter service late at the resort, and get a pastry for desert (or the yogurt or some fruit) and a juice for the drink. We take them back to the room and stick them in the fridge to have for breakfast. So for my group it would work really well because we'd be using the previous day's dinner to get breakfast for the next day and then we can use the two counter service credits on lunch and dinner. If we ever do get the counter service plan I'll have to keep track of receipts to see if it's a big waste of money or worth it.

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