Considering Tokyo trip - suggestions?

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Re: Considering Tokyo trip - suggestions?

Post by mindflipper » Feb Thu 10, 2011 11:50 pm

Wizzard419 wrote:So people really line up for it? Is it like fantasmic here (when it first started) where people would camp out for hours?

That is one really nice thing about the way they do WoC, it keeps people from coming in with a blanket and taking over a spot crazy early.
During the summer for the first showing (if more than one that night) they do line up early and people can get nasty about it.

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Re: Considering Tokyo trip - suggestions?

Post by timekeeper » Mar Tue 01, 2011 3:23 pm

feryache wrote:Well... I was there last January. I agree with one of the guys that said the metro system and trains are a great way to get there, but we all know that staying at a Disney Hotel has that extra magical thing we all love... that's your choice.
I was there in Christmas and New Year's season, it was way too busy and by noon all the fast passes were history.Consider that in case you want to enjoy the parks.
Tokyo Disneyland was great, but Tokyo Disney Sea, as I said in a previous post , is so far one of the best theme parks Disney ever built. I regretted I stayed just one day there... I wish I had two . I had to run like crazy to get in most of the attractions. The park is big enough like to end the day with you feet hurting and blistered... but it was worth every second of the pain:-)
My suggestion, give one day to Disneyland and two to TDS since you cannot park hopper between parks ( at least it was like this while I visited)
if you want also a great site about the TDR here it is:

I wish you a magical experience there !!!!
Thanks for the great website link! That is very cool!!!!!

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