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Here you can relive your fondest Disney memories, by requesting the audio tracks from the attractions, resorts, and parades that you have come to cherish in the past and present. We offer one of the largest collections of Disney Theme Park Audio on the internet, as well as a friendly, helpful, and magical support staff. You can tune in at any time, with your favorite windows, mac, or linux based mp3 player. Start listening by selecting one of the streams on the left. Additionally, register an account to make requests and to setup your personal list of "Treasured" tracks, for easy retrieval of those often requested favorites.

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Subsonic Radio Might Be Down / Changes Thu, 17 Sep 2015 12:09:29 -0400

I bring some bad news, but potentially helps light a fire. First, as to not scare you, Subsonic Radio isn't going away.

After 8 years of a free stable co-located server, it's finally being removed. Unfortunately, this is happening on short notice. Our team is small, works on SR in our free time and busy with daily life. Additionally, SR has a lot of moving parts. As a result, Subsonic Radio might lose some of it's functionality within the next month. So, please bear with us and don't be too alarmed when you see strange things.

There is a silver lining. As I said above, SR has a lot of moving parts, I've been meaning to simplify things. For the past month or so, I've been trying to write some new features for the site. Among these features it simplifying how SR works. Losing the server presses me, and the team, to focus on finishing the features sooner than later. I'd love to talk about what these features entail. However, I'm known to take "longer" than expected and I don't want to get people's hopes up. :)

In summary, Subsonic Radio is here to stay. You might see some strange or missing functionality. New features are on the way.

Thank you for you continued support to keep this site alive!

Added Tracks!! Wed, 25 Mar 2015 17:02:22 -0400

Ok it took way too long but I finally added tracks.

Complete list in next post.

Thanks to all who uploaded tracks!!



Notice: Consideration and Respect Wed, 25 Mar 2015 15:32:36 -0400

There has been some complaints of late about different individuals posting on the boards. Lets please be adults here and take the high road when posting. I know when posts start people can be passionate about their stance and things can get heated, please be respectful of others and not be argumentative. Take the high road people.

This being said of individuals are abusing other we will not stand for it and ban the member.

Team SR

96k Request Stream Wed, 11 Feb 2015 11:18:26 -0500

Hi all the server that runs that stream is currently down. Hard Drive decided to abandon ship..sigh The member that runs that server is working on a replacement.

Soon as I have an update I will let you know.


Season's Greetings 2014 Sat, 27 Dec 2014 01:01:43 -0500

I know it might be a day or two late, but on behalf of Team SR we would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Holiday! Also a Happy and Healthy New Year. As we move to 2015, the site and forums will turn 11 years old. A huge thank you to all the members who make this place great and those who have donated bandwidth, equipment, tracks, and time that keep this place running!

- Len